Water Proof Your House With Cork Spray

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While building a new house, we all try to keep everything perfect. From choosing the right construction materials to the right architectural structure, we try to make sure that the new house is just perfect for the people who will live there. After spending, a fortune not just in terms of money but also the time when you find out that the wall is leaking after every rainfall or the ceiling has a wet patch, it is not a good feeling. You can avoid all this by water proofing your house with something natural and effective like cork.

It is not like those average cork products, which starts crumbling after a few months, but a sturdy product, whichcan be sprayed on the wall and ceiling. Here is what makes it different from others:

  • Use it on any surface: Since you need to spray it, you can use cork spray on any surface. Cork spray will evenly spread anywhere and everywhere, giving a smooth look. It makes it rather easy to use on surfaces like wall and ceiling for that utterly perfect insulation.
  • Water resistant: Being water resistant, it makes it easy for you to keep the construction safe from leakage. Apply it on top of the roof for keeping ceiling safe from water damage. Similar goes for the walls as well where applying it on both sides can keep the structure protected from water damage due to faulty plumbing as well as weather. It works great as concrete sealer while keeping your budget in control.
  • Great insulation: If you are looking for a budget friendly yet effective insulation, no need to go far when you have cork spray. It can save your energy bills by preserving heat and cool air loss in the house. For big structures like office buildings as well it can work just fine.

Get the best possible water proofing solution for your house which is not only in budget but works great too!


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